Unlimited Possibilities For All Disabilities (UPFAD) mission is to empower individuals and enhance opportunities for those with special needs and disabilities. UPFAD looks at the natural ability of individuals and create platforms to release these gifts and impact the community in a positive manner.
Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a disability in the U.S., approximately 20% of U.S. adults have a disability. That means that more than 60 million Americans are living with some type of disability. One of the primary goals of UPFAD is for people with disabilities to see themselves in the market place represented on TV, on the front cover of magazines, hosting award shows and in all forms of media showcasing the incredible talent within the disabled community. 

The main goal is to encourage those within the disabled community to have a boldness about themselves so the world can see their abilities and how gifted and talented they really are. 

About Nicole

Nicole Carter also known as LadyXtreme is well known in the community as a promoter and founder of the Xtreme Gospel Comedy Show. As the mother of a son with Autism, she understands the challenges families face when a member of the family has special needs. Her passion for the disabled to be seen in society has fueled her vision for UPFAD. While she through her children may share the bond of having a disability, she shares and even greater bond, the belief and the gifts that have been placed within them that need to be shared with the world. 

Vision Statement

 It is our vision to identify and assist the many talented individuals with any form of mental or physical disability.

Mission Statement

 It is our mission to provide different platforms for our clients to showcase their talents while transitioning to a more prominent light. 

About Us